We have a heartbeat…

Okay, so it’s been a while… The last update I made, was talking about making a Season 2 of Behind The Scenes. I deleted that post as nothing ever came from it and it was posted back in 2020.

I had hoped to use lock down to work on EXTRACTION, but it didn’t happen.

I had surgery to fix by blown ACL in my left knee in January 2020, and for the first half of the year, I spent that time recovering. I spent the second half of the year playing cab driver/uber driver for my boys, getting them to and from work.

2021 was just me being lazy and depressed. I’m still pretty depressed.

2022… Here we are halfway through the year and I’ve decided that I need to focus on being less lazy and less depressed. So, I’m going to attempt finishing up EXTRACTION and working on some additional shorts that I’ve had tossing around in my head.

So in the infamous words of everyone’s favorite robot (that’s Bender Bending Rodriguez!) WE’RE BACK, BABY!!!

So, here’s an early image of the Quantum Scarab from a few years ago. I’ve got more recent designs since…

More coming soon!

He Lives!

Just a quick textual update to let everyone know that I am alive and only kicking those that have irritated me lately, you know who you are!

Seeing as how we’re approaching the end of the year and no news of a release, you can guess what that means. Yes, we’ll be moving into 2019 with the project still under construction.

I have a lot more assets now than I did at the beginning of the year, but maybe about 2/3’rds of the assets that I need. I am moving forward and I am currently boarding a teaser trailer that I want to release sometime in December.

See you in the next update, which shouldn’t be in 10 months.