Happy New Year and a Happy 2019!!!!

You may have noticed that I haven’t gotten the teaser trailer online yet. There’s a very good reason for that…

It’s not finished.

I started a new job on December 3rd and it has been kicking my rear. It’s a construction job and is way more physical than anything I’ve done in the past few years. So I usually get home and pass out until late evening. Then my wife get’s home and it’s dinner and family time, then bed.

Which leaves almost no time during the week to model/animate.

While I have my weekends free (mostly), the past few weekends have been packed with activities. Gotta love the Holiday Season, right?

So, while I’m in a reduced production capacity, I’m gonna try animating some smaller projects, while continuing to model the final assets I need for EXTRACTION.

Also, I’m not planning on any VLOG’s for this year. That doesn’t mean I won’t do some, I’m just not planning on trying to get one out every week or 2.