It’s been announced that LW2016 LW Next is coming!

Some of the stuff that’s been revealed includes a new Physically Based Render engine, new Uni ed Geometry Engine inside Layout, and what appears to be an upgrade to volumetrics!

The LightWave 3D Group has even setup a blog to cover the development road that LW2016 LW Next took to get here. So far there is only 1 post, but that should be changing soon. You can get to it >HERE<.

Rob Powers, President of LW3DG, has mentioned that they’ve been working on the underlying architecture of LW for the past 4 (?) years. Hopefully we’ll get to see some major changes in the next version of LW!

Also, they’ve extended the CROSSGRADE/UPGRADE PROMOTION until Oct. 15. So if you have an older version of LW sitting around and want to upgrade to the latest release (LW2015 as of this writing) or want to jump over from another software package at a discounted rate, you can check that out right >HERE<!!!

Check out the LightWave 3D website to see what kind of deals are going on right now.



Well, I’m in the new house. Been here since July 17th. Took about a week to get TV and 2 weeks to get internet. But it’s all up and running now.

One of the first things you may have noticed is that I moved the EXTRACTION blog to it’s own sub-domain. I did this so that I could change my main website to be more oriented towards getting client work. So, there’s still some things here and there that need to be fixed up in the new blog, but I’ll get to them!

In my last post, I mentioned that EXTRACTION was on the back burner and that I had been talking with a local producer. That fell through. The producer, kept wanting to make changes to the story. It’s my story. You want to buy it off me and make it, great! Just don’t pretend that you want to help me and then push your ideas onto my story. Continue reading


So, it’s been a while and I’m stil no further along than I was back in October. 4 months and nothing?!?! Well, that’s not entirely accurate.

I have been slowly working on things in the background, but not a whole lot to show for it. The last couple of weeks, I’ve been working out what applications I want to use to create EXTRACTION and the follow up animated movie. I ended up deciding on Blender and Lightwave3D as the two apps I’ll use. Next was trying to figure out a workflow that would allow me to use these programs together. Continue reading