Happy New Year and a Happy 2019!!!!

You may have noticed that I haven’t gotten the teaser trailer online yet. There’s a very good reason for that…

It’s not finished.

I started a new job on December 3rd and it has been kicking my rear. It’s a construction job and is way more physical than anything I’ve done in the past few years. So I usually get home and pass out until late evening. Then my wife get’s home and it’s dinner and family time, then bed.

Which leaves almost no time during the week to model/animate.

While I have my weekends free (mostly), the past few weekends have been packed with activities. Gotta love the Holiday Season, right?

So, while I’m in a reduced production capacity, I’m gonna try animating some smaller projects, while continuing to model the final assets I need for EXTRACTION.

Also, I’m not planning on any VLOG’s for this year. That doesn’t mean I won’t do some, I’m just not planning on trying to get one out every week or 2.

He Lives!

Just a quick textual update to let everyone know that I am alive and only kicking those that have irritated me lately, you know who you are!

Seeing as how we’re approaching the end of the year and no news of a release, you can guess what that means. Yes, we’ll be moving into 2019 with the project still under construction.

I have a lot more assets now than I did at the beginning of the year, but maybe about 2/3’rds of the assets that I need. I am moving forward and I am currently boarding a teaser trailer that I want to release sometime in December.

See you in the next update, which shouldn’t be in 10 months.

Looking to Upgrade…

I’ve decided that I want to continue using MODO to make EXTRACTION in. However, 902 SP3 is showing its age.

So, I started a GoFundMe campaign to try and raise the $400 that would be needed for the maintenance upgrade fee. You can get to the page here – https://www.gofundme.com/upgrading-modo-for-short-film

In the meantime, I’m working on a new video to be posted this weekend. It will cover the campaign as well, but I wanted to this out there right now.

Until next time!




Over a year since I’ve done anything with this blog. That is a long time. I don’t even think Brian Vowles went that long between updates for ROBOT ATTACK.

I know that I missed the self imposed deadline/release date for EXTRACTION. I had even thought that I’d just push it to a similar date this year —  7-7-17 or 7-17-17. Now, I’m just going to get it finished. When I’m done, I’ll probably hold onto it for a couple of weeks to make sure certain people have seen it and then I’ll release it into the world for everyone.

While I want to explain what happened last year (LIFE!), before I do, I want to take a moment and go over something that has shaken me and made me realize that I need to focus on getting my animated stories/work done.

I’ve been depressed because I haven’t been able to find any freelance work and putting in applications for numerous jobs that never call me for an interview can wear on ones patience. And while I was trying to work on EXTRACTION and trying to find work, one of my main supporters of this project passed away.

My friend, co-artist and supporter, Richard Willimot aka Pengy passed away on March 22, 2017. He was only 48.

Richard had some health issues and had a lung collapse on him a few years ago. He never really recovered from that collapsed lung. However, since I’ll be 44 this year, it has put some things in perspective for me.

Thus, the renewed push to get EXTRACTION finished. Since Richard’s passing, I have decided on a few things.

• I’m going to use the original version of the script, not the extended version that was 8 pages long. The original version of the script was only 3½ pages long, but it was the only version that Richard had ever read, and the one he pushed me to work on.

• The extended version will be dissected and the parts that are not of the original script, shall be turned into a sequel script, like I had intended way back when.

I’m not going to fuss with how things look or are animated. It’s going to look like crap, and I know that. But I need to finish it and hopefully get started on something new before I end up passing away as well.

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Well, I’m in the new house. Been here since July 17th. Took about a week to get TV and 2 weeks to get internet. But it’s all up and running now.

One of the first things you may have noticed is that I moved the EXTRACTION blog to it’s own sub-domain. I did this so that I could change my main website to be more oriented towards getting client work. So, there’s still some things here and there that need to be fixed up in the new blog, but I’ll get to them!

In my last post, I mentioned that EXTRACTION was on the back burner and that I had been talking with a local producer. That fell through. The producer, kept wanting to make changes to the story. It’s my story. You want to buy it off me and make it, great! Just don’t pretend that you want to help me and then push your ideas onto my story. Continue reading