New BTS Episode!!!

So, I posted on the 23rd, that I expected to have the new BTS VLOG episode up on the 24th. Due to unforeseen circumstances, that didn’t happen. I got bogged down with other stuff and didn’t finish the edit until Saturday night (last night). So, once it was finished, I uploaded it to YouTube and came over here to make my post…


I tried for a couple of hours to access my website, but nothing. I submitted a ticket and went to bed, expecting to either have a response to the ticket or the website working. Well, the website worked! So here’s the post.

While the website was down, I did post to both my Twitter and my personal FaceBook account that I had posted the video, so hopefully some of you saw it that way.

If you didn’t…

I’m moving forward and planning on releasing new BTS VLOGs on Wednesdays. See ya!

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