Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Just wanted to take a moment out of my Christmas day, before family members show up for Christmas dinner and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I want to especially thank those that have contributed to my MODO upgrade campaign. Thank You Very, Very Much!!! With the money that has been contributed from both online and locally, I’m close to being able to grab the upgrade

After Christmas, I’ve got New Years and my one son’s birthday (on the same day), so there won’t be any posts until after the New Year.

However, I’m planning on putting a renewed focus into posting updates and possibly vlogs in 2018.

The past couple of weeks have been one tech glitch after another. First my iMac started crapping out, so I had to learn how to properly reformat a Fusion Drive and reinstall OS X. Then my main PC had some hard drives fail. Luckily, everything has been backed up to DropBox.

Again, Merry Christmas! See you all in the New Year! Til next time…

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