New Behind The Scenes Episode….

Well, I promised the new episode this past weekend, but I ran into some technical issues. So, without further ado…

So, about those technical issues… It was mainly that the hard drive that held the animatic decided to bite the dust. I’ve got the RAW source files backed up, just not the edited/rendered version. So, I tried to recover the drive, but spent WAAAAAY too much time trying that. Then I had to go get my granddaughter, so that just left me time to re-edit the BTS episode, add some stuff that happened since this past weekend (psst… MODO 11.2 is now available!) and finally get it posted.

I changed up some stuff this time around. New logo opener, new text for the episode number (and title for episodes now), which I “borrowed” the idea from Brian Vowles. Yeah, I know he doesn’t have a patent on it (I think)!

Also, if you didn’t watch the episode and only read these blog posts, I’m giving everyone that donates to my GoFundMe Campaign an Executive Producer credit on EXTRACTION. Doesn’t matter how much you donate, you’ll get the credit. It’s the least I can do for you helping me.

If you haven’t read any of the other blog posts and want to get that sweet, sweet EP credit, go here:

I’m gonna start re-editing the animatic, so I can hopefully include portions of it in the next BTS episode. I won’t post the entire animatic, as that would give away the entire story and where’s the fun in that!

Also, if you want to get into direct contact with me, I’ve set up the email — extraction(at)curtisrhoads(dot)com, you can also find me on Twitter (@vong).

’til next time!

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