Happy New Year!

I’ve finally gotten around to making the first episode of the behind the scenes vodcast for EXTRACTION. It’s right here:

Couple of things…

● I’m changing the length of the script. Instead of being around 3 minutes in length, I’m gonna try and shoot for 8-10 minutes. This is subject to change!

● I’ve set a deadline of my Birthday : June 6, 2016.

● BTS vodcasts are not meant to be a big production thing. They could be simple cell phone video or even me pulling out my FS100 and setting up for a major recording session! Deal with it!

Now, since it’s been awhile since my last post (almost 3 months), expect to see more trafic here. I’m planning to post a vodcast at least once a week, maybe more.

I still haven’t entirely decided which software I’ll be using to animate EXTRACTION with. In a previous blog post, I mentioned using Blender and LightWave for the short. However, I’ve been doing stuff in Blender and MODO, as well as LightWave lately, so it’ll probably just come down to whichever software clicks with me when I get around to the actual animating portion. Models can be created in any of the software and moved around pretty easily.

Last post I mentioned that LW2016 LW Next had been announced. LightWave 3D Group has created a blog site where they talk about the upcoming version of LightWave. You can find that blog right HERE.

21.5 Weeks until deadline… Time to get moving!

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