It’s been announced that LW2016 LW Next is coming!

Some of the stuff that’s been revealed includes a new Physically Based Render engine, new Uni ed Geometry Engine inside Layout, and what appears to be an upgrade to volumetrics!

The LightWave 3D Group has even setup a blog to cover the development road that LW2016 LW Next took to get here. So far there is only 1 post, but that should be changing soon. You can get to it >HERE<.

Rob Powers, President of LW3DG, has mentioned that they’ve been working on the underlying architecture of LW for the past 4 (?) years. Hopefully we’ll get to see some major changes in the next version of LW!

Also, they’ve extended the CROSSGRADE/UPGRADE PROMOTION until Oct. 15. So if you have an older version of LW sitting around and want to upgrade to the latest release (LW2015 as of this writing) or want to jump over from another software package at a discounted rate, you can check that out right >HERE<!!!

Check out the LightWave 3D website to see what kind of deals are going on right now.


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