EXTRACTION is back on the back burner for a bit. I’m getting ready to move from Pleasant Grove to Eagle Mountain (about 20 minutes away) and with what work I’ve got coming in and prepping to move, I just don’t have the time to work on EXTRACTION.

There is another reason however. I’ve met with a local producer and we are now trying to make it better than I ever could have on my own! So, it’s not gone and if after I move and am settled in, if it doesn’t appear to be moving forward, I’ll once again work to bring it out by myself.

I DO NOT want EXTRACTION to fade into nothingness.

In other news, MODO 901 was officially announced yesterday and it looks AWESOME!!!! It won’t be shipping until May 27th, which is a little under a week away. I’m so looking forward to getting it. I’ll probably be working on most of my future 3D stuff in MODO now. I’ll post more about MODO 901 in the coming days as I get a chance to read over all the goodies being posted online.

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